January 26 wind report

Another front has blown us out for a few days.  The weather went south a couple nights ago and it looks like this weekend will be windy.  The shrimp boats are hiding out in front of Key West on the south side, biding their time like the charter boats. It can be frustrating turning down trips, but I'd rather have people come back than go on a rough crummy day.  Hopefully this wind will blow through by next week and we can all go back to fishing! If you would like to get out next month or beyond, I have some openings.  I can be reached through email on the home page or call 305-923-6977.  Thanks, Capt. Taylor

January fishing

So far this year we have seen some windy and rainy days.  The cold that has overtaken the US has reached us finally, and the fishing conditions are changing.  Our temps have been in the high 50's in the morning to low 70's in the afternoons.  As the cold push weakens our winds will turn more southerly and warm.  It should be back into the high 70's in a few days.  The fishing has been good for the few people venturing out.  The reef is still active with lots of baitfish, and offshore there have been blackfin tunas and a few sailfish around.  I have a few spots open this week if you're looking to get out.  I can be reached at 305-923-6977.   Thanks, Capt. Taylor

Mid December fishing report

Last week started off cool and has ended hot.  Temperatures are back up to 80 and there isn't another front coming for the foreseeable future.  The last few fronts did change up the fishing a bit.  We have been catching more kingfish on the Atlantic side, and the gulf is full of bait fish schools.  This combined with the dirty water left over from hurricane irma makes the bottom fishing really good.  We had some nice catches of yellowtail, mutton and mangrove snappers, combined with king, spanish and cero mackerels.  Also on the rough days, we tried fishing closer to home and the channels produced some nice fish.  Muttons, yellowtails, grouper and porgies kept us busy just a few miles away from the harbor.  These trips are a great way to spend a half day as there is hardly any travel time, and there is a lot of action.  

Offshore has been slower.  There have been a few sailfish up on the reef, but the dirty water has been a hindrance for us and them.  There have been a handful of pelagics caught out in the blue water but this time of year the reef and out to 300 feet is the place to be.  If you are looking for a trip around the holidays I have some open dates.  I can be reached at 305-923-6977.  Thanks and Merry Christmas!  Capt. Taylor Williams


November fishing report

We've had our first few cold fronts in Key West, keeping the temps down a few degrees.  There are still some tunas and dolphin offshore with an occasional sailfish.  The reef has been excellent when the current is moving.  We've had some days with a mixed bag of yellowtail, mackerels, tunas, and an occasional shark if someone wants to pull on something big.  We had a shark steal a big yellowtail on a lure, only the shark got greedy.  A while later we dropped a live ballyhoo down for a big grey snapper, only to have him get grabbed also.  The shark finally let him go and when we got the fish to the boat, the lure we had lost earlier was stuck to the side of the snapper!  If you would like to get out fishing, I can be reached at 305-923-6977. Thanks, Capt. Taylor


July offshore report

The offshore dolphin and tuna bite has been good this past week with lots of schoolies around.  There are some big schools of skipjack tunas offshore as well.  Our last trip we had a few dolphin and a bunch of tunas up to 20lbs.  The weather has been great for the long runs.  The reef has been good as well with yellowtail snapper, grouper and an occasional blackfin tuna in close. I haven't tarpon fished this week, but I've heard it's about the same.  Lots of fish with only a few bites.   If you'd like to schedule a day, I can be reached at 305-923-6977.  Thanks, Capt Taylor

May Fishing so far

We started out windy as usual this month, but the last few days have been nicer.  It has finally calmed down, and the fish are starting to respond.  Offshore there are more dolphin and tunas being caught, with an occasional sailfish or marlin mixed in.  Grouper season is now open, and the Tarpon are stacking up in the channels. With all of the wind the last few weeks,  I've done a lot of inshore trips  and had some luck with Tarpon, sharks, snappers, groupers and barracudas. The permit should start spawning on the reef soon, and the snapper bite has been good on the reef also.   Yesterday morning I took a group from Europe that wanted to do some deep jigging on the wrecks.  The current was very strong  and the few fish we did find wanted nothing to do with jigs or live bait so we switched it up and started trolling for tunas.  We caught 4 nice fish before the time was up and had enough tuna to feed a dozen people.   If you are looking to get out I can be reached at 305-923-6977. Thanks, Capt  Taylor

March trips and the beginning of April

Springtime in Key West can be windy, and this year seems to be no exception.  Last month we had mostly windy and rough conditions offshore, and as of today the winds continue to blow.  There are a few sailfish, cobia, tunas and dolphin being caught offshore, but it has been rough.  Inshore fishing has been calmer, and the snapper bite continues to be good.  The tarpon are starting to show up inshore, but the bite has been either early morning or late  afternoon until sunset.  We had a nice fish in the 80lb range on Wednesday and saw a few other followers. Hopefully the tarpon bite will just get better as the weather gets better!   I have some openings in April and May. If you are looking to get out, give me a call at 305-923-6977.  Thanks, Capt. Taylor

Christmas and New Years

It was a great end of the year with lots of familiar faces and good fishing, even when the weather didn't cooperate. Offshore fishing has been hit and miss, with more tunas than anything else lately. The reef has been good for yellowtail snappers if the offshore bite slows.  On the windier days, we've been doing more inshore channel fishing, which has been consistently good.  Lots of keeper sized muttons and yellowtail snappers, jewfish, sharks, jacks, and assorted other species.  I did 2 inshore trips with the Balsamo family this week, we stayed close on the first trip and caught a bunch of mutton snappers and a big blacktip shark. The second day we went for variety out at the marquesas and had tons of action with snappers, jacks, grouper, and some big sharks.  We had numerous nurse sharks and a big bull shark around 200lbs.  Charles Jr. fought the fish while I chased it around the lobster traps with the boat.  After about a 45 minute fight, we got the leader and let her go.  Big thanks to everyone that came down to fish with me this year!  Looking foreward to next year!  

Riding out with the Littens.

Tunas, dolphin and amberjack

Mutton snappers close to home

Steve fighting a big mutton

The Balsamo family with a mixed bag on their second day of fishing

A few tunas and nice yellowtails on the reef

Sometimes the sharks take their share

Susan with a nice mutton

Cathy with a nice yellowtail on a beautiful day