Sailfishing charters in Key West, Florida

  As the weather continues to cool, schools of bait fish head south into the keys.  This time of year live bait fishing on the reef or just outside the reef edge can produce fantastic action for sailfish, dolphin, snapper, grouper, and assorted mackerels.  There have been quite a few sails caught this week.  The best way to fish for them is to drift live baits along the outside reef edge, anywhere from 60 to 200 feet of water.  While having flat lined baits out on the windward side of the boat, the kite is put out on the leeward side to dangle a few more baits without having lines and leader in the water.  Also if the conditions are right, I will put a few baits down deep.  One drifting near the bottom, and one about halfway down.  This covers the entire water column so that any passing fish will see at least one bait.  It's a good idea to also have a couple of spinning rods ready to throw additional live baits out quickly if we get cut off by a passing hammerhead or school of mackerel.  It's been a windy month by far, but conditions are changing  for the better!   Thanks, Capt. Taylor