Happy New Year!

     We have started the new year off in Key West with mixed weather, and good fishing.  The offshore fishing has been hit and miss, with a few dolphin and tunas around. The edge of the gulfstream is close and the water looks great.  Yesterday we saw multiple sailfish on or inside the reef chasing ballyhoo, but couldn't get one interested in our live baits.  It's hard to get them to come off of the bait they're keyed onto to take one on the hook. The Blackfin tunas have been biting later in the day, and in good numbers.  Bottom fishing has been good on the reef, inside on patch reefs, and in the channels.  Lots of snappers, groupers and sharks around to bend rods and make people smile.  The weather was beautiful yesterday, but rainy and windy today.  Hopefully it will be better tomorrow for the Mischke family.  They fished with me Monday in 25-30 knot wind, and had great action in the channels west of Key West with snappers, jacks and some big sharks.  Hope everyone has a good year and can come fishing!  Thanks, Capt. Taylor