Mid December fishing report

Last week started off cool and has ended hot.  Temperatures are back up to 80 and there isn't another front coming for the foreseeable future.  The last few fronts did change up the fishing a bit.  We have been catching more kingfish on the Atlantic side, and the gulf is full of bait fish schools.  This combined with the dirty water left over from hurricane irma makes the bottom fishing really good.  We had some nice catches of yellowtail, mutton and mangrove snappers, combined with king, spanish and cero mackerels.  Also on the rough days, we tried fishing closer to home and the channels produced some nice fish.  Muttons, yellowtails, grouper and porgies kept us busy just a few miles away from the harbor.  These trips are a great way to spend a half day as there is hardly any travel time, and there is a lot of action.  

Offshore has been slower.  There have been a few sailfish up on the reef, but the dirty water has been a hindrance for us and them.  There have been a handful of pelagics caught out in the blue water but this time of year the reef and out to 300 feet is the place to be.  If you are looking for a trip around the holidays I have some open dates.  I can be reached at 305-923-6977.  Thanks and Merry Christmas!  Capt. Taylor Williams