Mid February Report


It has been mostly tunas for me offshore, but other boats have also done well with wahoos and dolphin. I haven’t been offshore the last few trips as the winds and seas have been substantial. Hawk channel has provided steady action with snappers, groupers and sharks. Hopefully the winds will subside this week and we can get back out to the blue water. If you’re looking to get out, I can be reached at 305-923-6977. Thanks, Capt Taylor Williams


March trips and the beginning of April

Springtime in Key West can be windy, and this year seems to be no exception.  Last month we had mostly windy and rough conditions offshore, and as of today the winds continue to blow.  There are a few sailfish, cobia, tunas and dolphin being caught offshore, but it has been rough.  Inshore fishing has been calmer, and the snapper bite continues to be good.  The tarpon are starting to show up inshore, but the bite has been either early morning or late  afternoon until sunset.  We had a nice fish in the 80lb range on Wednesday and saw a few other followers. Hopefully the tarpon bite will just get better as the weather gets better!   I have some openings in April and May. If you are looking to get out, give me a call at 305-923-6977.  Thanks, Capt. Taylor

Fall Bottom Fishing

As the weather cools off  in Key West, bottom fishing can really turn on.  I fished the reef yesterday morning and had good action with yellowtails with Brian Hormel and his group from Naples.  We came in for lunch and spent the afternoon in the back country  where the mutton snappers, sharks and groupers kept us busy.  The guys had a pile of fish to take home and loved catching the big snappers on light tackle.  All in all a great day!  If you're looking to get out I can be reached at 305-923-6977.  Thanks, Capt. Taylor

June 7

    Tropical storm Colin swept by us yesterday bringing some rain and gusty wind.  I think we fared better than most of florida.  We still have  some wind out of the southwest, but not as bad as predicted.  I think only one boat went out offshore yesterday morning before the squall came through.  They caught a blackfn tuna and some bonitos before coming home.  

    The last few weeks have been pretty good on the Sea Change.  We've had some dolphin, tuna, and plenty of bonitas offshore.  Most of the dolphin have been small, but there are some bigger fish mixed in.  The blackfin tunas are averaging anywhere from 5-15 lbs. The reef has been spotty with snappers and groupers. There wasn't much current to the west before this storm came through but i'm sure that will change. Fishing the patch reefs and channels has been good for grouper and snapper.  Tarpon fishing has been decent, with lots of fish on the gulf and atlantic sides of the island.  The sharks are mixed in with them and we've caught a few  bull and lemon sharks while tarpon fishing.  All in all a pretty good month!  Once the remnants of Colin clear out, I think June will be a great month.  If you are coming down and want to get out on the water, I can be reached at 305-923-6977.  Thanks, Capt. Taylor

March reef action

Fishing has been great on the reef line lately.  I've had some great half days this week fishing close.  Tuesday the Mertens caught lane, mangrove, mutton, and yellowtail snappers, jacks, cobia, and a 6-7ft hammerhead shark. Kevin Mccraw and his fiance Megan Had some nice Muttons and Mangrove snappers today. Offshore has been hit and miss with a few sailfish, tunas, dolphin and wahoo, but a lot of crying on the radio. Also took Mike from Ballast Key shopping this week, he's got a pretty nice front yard as you can see in the pics. The weather has been great this week. It looks like we're getting a front Sunday afternoon.  Hope to get back out there while the fishing and weather are good!  I have a few split charters available, and some open spots in my schedule.  Call me  at 305-923-6977 to arrange a trip.  Thanks!  Capt. Taylor

February fishing report

     We've had a lot of changing conditions and winds lately.  The gulf stream has moved back offshore, and the north winds started blowing again today.  I fished the last few days out in the gulf, where we had nice weather with the strong south winds.  It was maybe 1 to 2 feet and the water looked good.  We caught a few cobias, lanes, muttons, yellowtails, and mangrove snappers.  Had another large kingfish on yesterday, but pulled the hook.  I don't think he was as big as the 68 pounder from a few weeks ago, but it was a solid 40-50lb fish.  The cobias have been in the 20-40lb range.  The tarpons started biting in the harbor with the warmer weather the last week,  but this north wind may shut that down.  I heard of a few of the boats caught 5 or 6 fish, so that's a good start to the season.  Offshore has been hit and miss, with some kingfish, a few dolphin, and a few sails around.  Hopefully this wind will blow itself out quickly.  It's supposed to be a nice weekend with 10-15 knot winds from the north northeast.  I have some open spots  if you're looking to get out there.  I can be reached at 305-923-6977.  Here are a few pics from the Christiansen  family from Tuesday.   

Nice cobia on the Ultralight!

Nice cobia on the Ultralight!

Happy New Year!

     We have started the new year off in Key West with mixed weather, and good fishing.  The offshore fishing has been hit and miss, with a few dolphin and tunas around. The edge of the gulfstream is close and the water looks great.  Yesterday we saw multiple sailfish on or inside the reef chasing ballyhoo, but couldn't get one interested in our live baits.  It's hard to get them to come off of the bait they're keyed onto to take one on the hook. The Blackfin tunas have been biting later in the day, and in good numbers.  Bottom fishing has been good on the reef, inside on patch reefs, and in the channels.  Lots of snappers, groupers and sharks around to bend rods and make people smile.  The weather was beautiful yesterday, but rainy and windy today.  Hopefully it will be better tomorrow for the Mischke family.  They fished with me Monday in 25-30 knot wind, and had great action in the channels west of Key West with snappers, jacks and some big sharks.  Hope everyone has a good year and can come fishing!  Thanks, Capt. Taylor

Fall fishing is starting to show

It's still hot in Key West, but there is a noticeable change in the morning air.  A little less humidity makes it seem a little cooler.  It's a good sign that things are starting to change.  There have been more blackfin tunas being caught the last few days.  The tricky schools of small sailfish have also started to show. On the reef edge there has been a mix of snapper, mackerel, and the occasional dolphin swimming into the chum line. There has been a nice westerly current, very clear water conditions, and a light breeze. Winds are supposed to pick up this weekend,  and I can't wait to get some kites in the air.  Fall fishing can be fantastic the next few months.  Wahoo, sailfish, dolphin  and tuna will start to show up in better numbers closer to home.  If you're heading down this fall, give me a call at 305-923-6977 to schedule a trip.  Thanks, Capt. Taylor

Wahoo  caught on live bait

Wahoo  caught on live bait

Offshore half day

On Wednesday afternoon I did a quick half day of fishing offshore.  We ran out to around 700ft where we saw some frigates working, and started catching dophin.  We managed to catch around a dozen keeper fish in the 5-15 pound range and let the rest go.  There was a nice weedline full of structure holding lots of fish.  Whenever we got close to a crate, rope ball, or piece of plastic in the line,  all of our baits would get attacked by either dolphin or various small jacks.  It was a little breezy out there making the seas in the 3-5ft range.  All in all a nice half day.

Welcome baby Ayla!

 After a long wait and what felt like an even longer labor, baby Ayla arrived on September 9th at 10:29 am!  She came in at 7 pounds 9 ounces and 20 inches long. Samantha and I are ecstatic  to have this wonderful baby girl in our lives.  Thank you to all of the nurses, doctors, midwives and family friends who have helped us so much along the way.  We couldn't have done it without you!  We can't wait to take Ayla on her first boat ride!  Needless to say I haven't been out on the water much lately.  I did get to take some friends from Coppertail brewing out during Brewfest for a nice half day.  We caught a few nice bottom fish in the deep water.  The weather was perfect for drifting live baits and the fish were on them until the tide changed at around 11am.  There has been some current out near the reef making the fishing more productive for yellowtail snapper,muttons and grouper.  Offshore there have been a few nice weedlines producing dolphin, a mix of blackfin and skipjack tuna, and an occasional wahoo.  I can't wait to get back out when we get settled in with our new baby girl!