November fishing report

We've had our first few cold fronts in Key West, keeping the temps down a few degrees.  There are still some tunas and dolphin offshore with an occasional sailfish.  The reef has been excellent when the current is moving.  We've had some days with a mixed bag of yellowtail, mackerels, tunas, and an occasional shark if someone wants to pull on something big.  We had a shark steal a big yellowtail on a lure, only the shark got greedy.  A while later we dropped a live ballyhoo down for a big grey snapper, only to have him get grabbed also.  The shark finally let him go and when we got the fish to the boat, the lure we had lost earlier was stuck to the side of the snapper!  If you would like to get out fishing, I can be reached at 305-923-6977. Thanks, Capt. Taylor


March reef action

Fishing has been great on the reef line lately.  I've had some great half days this week fishing close.  Tuesday the Mertens caught lane, mangrove, mutton, and yellowtail snappers, jacks, cobia, and a 6-7ft hammerhead shark. Kevin Mccraw and his fiance Megan Had some nice Muttons and Mangrove snappers today. Offshore has been hit and miss with a few sailfish, tunas, dolphin and wahoo, but a lot of crying on the radio. Also took Mike from Ballast Key shopping this week, he's got a pretty nice front yard as you can see in the pics. The weather has been great this week. It looks like we're getting a front Sunday afternoon.  Hope to get back out there while the fishing and weather are good!  I have a few split charters available, and some open spots in my schedule.  Call me  at 305-923-6977 to arrange a trip.  Thanks!  Capt. Taylor

Welcome baby Ayla!

 After a long wait and what felt like an even longer labor, baby Ayla arrived on September 9th at 10:29 am!  She came in at 7 pounds 9 ounces and 20 inches long. Samantha and I are ecstatic  to have this wonderful baby girl in our lives.  Thank you to all of the nurses, doctors, midwives and family friends who have helped us so much along the way.  We couldn't have done it without you!  We can't wait to take Ayla on her first boat ride!  Needless to say I haven't been out on the water much lately.  I did get to take some friends from Coppertail brewing out during Brewfest for a nice half day.  We caught a few nice bottom fish in the deep water.  The weather was perfect for drifting live baits and the fish were on them until the tide changed at around 11am.  There has been some current out near the reef making the fishing more productive for yellowtail snapper,muttons and grouper.  Offshore there have been a few nice weedlines producing dolphin, a mix of blackfin and skipjack tuna, and an occasional wahoo.  I can't wait to get back out when we get settled in with our new baby girl! 

Awesome fishing and diving

Another great four days fishing and diving with the crew from Tampa!  We caught lobsters in the gulf the first few days, then switched it up and went fishing on the south side.  The reef bite was on fire with mangrove snapper, sharks, cudas and jacks.  We quickly filled the cooler with snappers and three big yellow jacks, then headed in to do some diving.  Hawk channel was clear and we hit a few coral heads in the 15-20ft range.  We found some big lobster, hogfish and also shot a nice black grouper.  It was still early, so we decided to head to a Ballast Key and have a few cold ones before heading home.  Big thanks to Rob and Britton for joining the crew this weekend!

Mini Season 2015


I had a great time with everyone who came down for mini season, and the lobsters cooperated.   Great weather, clear water, and plentiful bugs made it a blast!  Big thanks to the Gaffneys, Lees, and Zimmermans for coming down.  We also got a little spearfishing and hook and line fishing in, catching some big mangrove snappers out on the reef.  We shot a good number of hogfish, red groupers, and assorted snappers.  No one got a net stuck on their head this year, and we managed to keep the lobsters from stealing any nets!